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    The Internet Is Your Audition Room

    Casting director Heidi Levitt shares the ways actors can audition and get discovered online.

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    5 Reasons to Consider Working a Theme Park

    Theme parks like Disney can be a great way for actors to get a variety of skills under their belts, from singing and dancing to character work and magic tricks.

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    Listen for More Than Your Cue

    Producer and casting director Marci Liroff hates it when actors go blank during an audition until it’s their turn to speak—and you definitely won’t get the part if you don’t know how to react and hear the other person.

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    Why Technology Is the New Casting Industry Standard

    Since I'm involved with actors worldwide, I've seen a shift lately in terms of an abundance of "too-good-to-be-true" casting notices, i.e. sites that claim that if you pay their membership fee they will introduce you to casting directors.

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    CD Mark Saks Talks Casting “The Good Wife”

    Emmy-nominated casting director Mark Saks on casting CBS' "The Good Wife," his audition pet peeves, and finding fresh talent.

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    Don’t Get Placed in the ‘Why?’ Pile

    During a casting session, pictures go in one of three piles: the “yes,” the “no,” and the “maybe” piles. However, there is another “pile” that isn’t physical, but mental, and that is the “why” pile.

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    Casting Director Allison Jones Gives Comedy Casting Tips

    In addition to casting hit TV shows “The Office” and “Veep,” and blockbuster features such as “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat,” comedy casting guru Allison Jones is back on board with “Arrested Development” as it reboots on Netflix.

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    18 Actors Share Their Casting Memories

    Jonathan Groff, Zosia Mamet, Emily Mortimer, Judith Light, Aaron Tveit, Keegan Allen, Billy Porter, Harvey Fierstein, Ana Ortiz, and more share the casting directors who championed them early in their careers and their most memorable moments from the audition room.

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    How To Find Inspiration as an Actor

    Too often young actors neglect to find inspiration in the world around them in pursuit of the holy grail of a “job”—be it a film role, a guest spot, or a series regular job.

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    Why You Should Never Stop Playing 'Make-Believe'

    I would never discourage any aspiring actors from seeking some type of formal training (especially if they plan on acting in plays). But technique is the parachute you employ when you’re not working instinctively.