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    Why Actors Shouldn't Lie on Their Resumes

    When any of us create falsehoods, the damage done is not in the moment of "gotcha." No, it’s your self-esteem that suffers a near-fatal blow.

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    7 Career Tips from Casting Director John Frank Levey

    John Frank Levey, the go-to casting director for John Wells Productions, stepped out of his role as casting director to direct "Lake Anne" opening Sept. 20 at the Road Theater Company. Levey shares some insights the actor-director collaboration.

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    What’s the Difference Between a Brave Choice and a Foolish Choice?

    I’ve been working in Hollywood one way or another (casting, producing, assistant at a top agency) for the last several decades. As you can imagine, I’ve seen a lot and have some juicy stories, one more shocking than the next.

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    Why Your 'Type' Is Irrelevant

    Most serious actors I know would love to play as wide a range of parts as is humanly possible, and do not want to be limited by "type." If anything, you should hope we’re willing to cast AGAINST type!

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    How to Start Your Career as a Background Actor

    Barbara McNamara, extras casting director for film and TV projects including “30 Rock” and “The Devil Wears Prada,” explains how background work can benefit aspiring actors.

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    4 Hot Tips For Being Off-Book

    For the first audition, we expect you to be completely familiar with the material, to have read the script if available, and to have made distinct character choices. You can look down at your sides for reference as long as your head isn’t buried in them.

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    This Advice Will Change Your Life

    Marci Liroff wants you to view the entire audition process as a collaboration between filmmakers.

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    Why Your Shoes Are Important In an Audition

    I’m going to give you the secret to really feeling your character when you’re on stage, on a set, or in an audition. It’s so simple you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t think of it. Shoes. Yes, shoes!

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    Tell the Story To Book the Job

    While interviewing casting director Duncan Stewart, whose cast the upcoming Broadway revival of "Pippin," I was really struck by what he said was the number one reason someone books the job.

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    5 Steps To Finding Your Acting Inner Circle

    I often meet actors who feel like they are being left out of the party. They are not getting out enough to audition, can’t find solid representation, and generally feel disenfranchised. So what do you do?