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    Jon Glaser, Unmasked, on Season Two of 'Delocated'

    Comedian Jon Glaser has spent most of this summer running around the streets of the city in a thick wool ski mask. No, he's not robbing banks or sneaking onto fire escapes.

  • Interview

    Q&A: Myq Kaplan, 'Last Comic Standing' Finalist

    Stand-up comic Myq Kaplan has a knack for winning comedy contests. Which is why we think has a good chance to win the seventh season of the NBC competition "Last Comic Standing."

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    Lauren Francesca

    "When you're an actor, I feel like you're always putting yourself out there, and you're doing everything to become that person or that character."

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    Jeff Asbell

    Jeff Asbell calls himself a novice performer, but in reality he had been practicing improv for decades before being cast as a member in aNew York City improv troupe.