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    Free Dance Festival Comes to Brooklyn

    Looking to see some great dance performances? Brooklyn and White Wave will be hosting the 2015 Dumbo Dance Festival, a four-day celebration of movement.

  • Interview

    On the High Seas of Performance Success

    Backstage chats with Carnival creatives Kristin Alexis Turner and John Tartaglia about the perks of working on a cruise line, why it’s great for your performance arsenal, and unexpected talents you’ll acquire!

  • Advice

    12 Broadway Choreographers All Actors Should Know

    From the early days of the Great White Way to the greatest hits of the past 10 years, here are 12 legendary choreographers who have given shape to Broadway as we know it.

  • Advice

    Creating Spectacle on a Cruise Ship

    Danny Teeson has directed and choreographed for Princess Cruises for eight years. He talks about why he loves the freedom his job gives him.

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    3 Reasons to Take Pride in Being a Regional Actor

    Regional/local actors add so much to a project! Here are three reasons you should be proud to be an actor—wherever you are.

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    6 Questions With…Misty Copeland

    The history-making African-American principal dancer of the American Ballet Theatre chats about her Broadway debut in “On the Town,” her dance crushes, and which of her performances have left a lasting mark on her.

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    Attention All Dancers!

    Dance Network, the first network dedicated entirely to dance, is set to launch with original and acquired programming, from competition shows to documentaries, films, and instructional performances.

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    5 YouTube Choreographers to Check Out

    From contemporary jazz to ballet and hip-hop, these five fresh faces are making their mark on the dance industry and using YouTube and social media to do it.

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    How to Work YouTube to Your Advantage

    Backstage speaks with artists Jacob Sutton and Ian Eastwood, who have successfully cast and been cast through YouTube, to chat about what they look for in dancers and the key to marking your mark with social media.

  • Advice

    4 Must-Know Regional Dance Companies

    From sea to shining sea, here is a selection of top-notch dance studios open to everyone from beginners and kids to potential “So You Think You Can Dance” contestants.