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    Michael K. Williams Returns to TV

    Known for his work on HBO’s “The Wire” and “Boardwalk Empire,” Michael K. Williams brings another nuanced, all-too-real character to life on HBO’s “The Night Of.” How does he do it?

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    Check Out ‘The Bert Stern Story’ and 3 More Acting Gigs!

    A famous celebrity photographer and Marilyn Monroe are just two of the many roles available now in Backstage’s casting notices!

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    1 Way to Get Cast in Atlanta Music Videos

    Filmmaker Video Rahim has made a name for himself documenting some of the craziest Southern rock and heavy metal bands out there, and casts local talent for his music videos.

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    7 (More) Documentaries Every Actor Should See

    Marlon Brando. Marilyn Monroe. Joan Rivers. How did these icons achieve superstardom, and what really made them tick? These seven bio-documentaries on famous actors provide a sneak peek at true greatness.

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    The 7 Documentaries Every Actor Should See

    Get your Netflix queue ready! By watching these behind-the-scenes films, you’re guaranteed to learn something new about the entertainment industry.

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    ‘Corpus Christi’ Talks Back Onstage and a New Doc

    Terrence McNally’s much-boycotted play has been touring the country for years—and is still as divisive as it was when it premiered 16 years ago, according to documentary “Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption.”

  • Interview

    The ‘Dangerous’ Filmmaking of Madeleine Sackler

    The director of HBO documentary “Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus,” about the making of theater under Europe’s last dictator, talks about creating the film over Skype from New York.

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    How ‘Casting By’ Advocates For Casting Directors

    The film indicts AMPAS for two crimes: singling out casting directors as the only title-card credited craftspeople denied their own Oscar category and refusing to bestow an honorary Oscar on Marion Dougherty, the pioneering casting director who helped launch countless careers.

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    'Casting By' to get Theatrical Release, Oscar Push

    “Casting By,” the widely acclaimed HBO documentary about the history and evolution of the casting director’s role in the filmmaking process, will receive a theatrical release.

  • Advice

    DIY Ken Burns Effect

    Documentarian Ken Burns' use of still images in addition to moving pictures is so iconic that the film world has named a whole effect after him. The effect lends a visual flow to a piece that wouldn’t necessarily have it. Fortunately, it isn’t hard to achieve.