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    iO West Launches Scholarships for Diverse Comedians

    Los Angeles’ world-famous hub for comedy is offering eight new scholarships for improvisation classes and four for sketch writing—get your funniest material together by Nov. 21!

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    4 Practical Pointers From Eric Stonestreet

    Fans of improv comedy and acting advice alike benefit from the “Modern Family” star’s ongoing (and not to be missed!) shows at L.A.’s iO West.

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    Join Eric Stonestreet for Advice-Oriented Improv!

    The “Modern Family” star will take the iO West Theater stage with Michael Bunin and Dana Powell for an evening combining career-oriented questions from the audience and long-form riffs on Stonestreet’s honest responses.

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    This Summer, Travel iO West!

    One of Los Angeles’ top improv and sketch schools offers a full slate of entertaining performances, including George McAuliffe’s one-man satire “Not All Cops Are Bad!”

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    8 Great Improv Schools in NYC and L.A.

    Of all the tools in the actor’s toolbox, improv skills (and training) are among the most crucial for all sorts of jobs. Whether you’re a classically trained actor aiming to branch out, a beginner trying to have fun onstage, or a professional comedian making your mark on the ...

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    9 Places to Study Comedy in Los Angeles

    With pilot season around the corner and a slew of new single- and multi-camera comedies, there is no better time to hone your comedy and improvisation skills. LA-based actors take note: Here are 9 great places to study comedic acting.

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    Amy Poehler's Alma Mater Hosts Festival and Other L.A. Events

    Festivals are great for networking, even if you’re only there to attend. Making connections is even easier when there’s a bar involved.

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    L.A. Actor Brings Web Series to the Stage

    Marissa A. Ross has become something of a master of the new media crossover. She turned her blog, "Tangents & The Times," into a Web series and now is turning her follow-up Web series, “Wine Time,” into a live show.

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    L.A.'s Funny Women Festival Still Accepting Submissions

    The improv theater that launched the careers of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey wants to showcase female performers in Los Angeles next month.

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    Miserable and Scared of Change?

    Head over the river and through the hipsters to Brooklyn’s The Brick—home of “mad experimenters of theater”—for “I’m Miserable But Change Scares Me”; check out the L.A. Women’s Theater Fest; pick up a copy of “The World of Musicals”; and hear the “New Voices ...