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    6 Reasons You Should Act in an Indie Film

    Independent films are an incredible way to build credits and gain acting experience! Here are six reasons you should audition for one right now!

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    Why You Should Attend the 40th Annual Atlanta Film Festival

    One of the country’s largest Academy Award-qualifying film festivals will celebrate its fourth decade April 1–10, welcoming an audience of around 25,000 attendees.

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    6 Questions With...Griffin Dunne

    The “After Hours” star returns to the big screen opposite Rebecca Hall and Jason Sudeikis in “Tumbledown,” and talks to Backstage about his role, the audition that won him comparisons to Travis Bickle, and getting pinched by Tennessee Williams.

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    8 Likely 2017 Awards Contenders

    With Sundance having just wrapped, here are the films—from a new Todd Solondz to another outing from Michelle Williams and Kelly Reichardt—that will likely be in the awards running later this year.

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    Stop Obsessing Over the Monster Under Your Acting Bed

    Working Actor Anna Margaret Hollyman knows that sometimes you can feel like you’re stuck in a career desert—but you just need to confront your fears head on.

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    The Power of Politeness

    Working Actor Anna Margaret Hollyman has been on enough sets to understand the power of nice—what she doesn’t understand is why so many people throw attitude at the filmmakers there to make them look good.

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    4 Indie Films You Must Watch

    With “Dope,” “The Diary of a Teenage Girl,” “Sicario,” and “Tangerine,” some very accomplished writers and directors gave actors the chance to shine in unexpected and thrilling ways.

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    How Indie Films Can Change Your Life (And Your Career)

    Indie films can provide incredible opportunities for actors of all levels!

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    6 Frigid Films to Beat the Heat

    Summer is blissfully upon us and as much as the heat is appreciated by all the sun-worshippers, there are still days when we wish it were just a bit cooler. In the spirit of getting your mind over matter, here are six films set in cold climates to bring down ...

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    6 Classes For Aspiring Actor-Writers

    Backstage has rounded up six classes—from Los Angeles to New York, down South, and beyond—for actors interested in creating their own breakout roles.