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  • Advice

    Looking for a Stage?

    If you’re developing a one-person show or cabaret act, chances are, if you’re the right fit, the historic Joe’s Pub can help expand your professional network and fulfill your creative dreams.

  • Interview

    Robert Sheehan on Knowing What You Deserve as an Actor

    Best known for his role on “Misfits,” Irish-born Robert Sheehan chats about his new film “The Road Within,” the challenges of playing a character with Tourette syndrome, and the one thing all actors must remember.

  • Interview

    Juliette Binoche Looks Back

    The Oscar-winning star, currently onscreen in “Clouds of Sils Maria,” looked back at her career during the 2014 Beirut International Film Festival and spoke about choosing her roles, working with great directors—and doing “Godzilla.”

  • Interview

    8 Questions With...Ben Miles

    The star of “Wolf Hall,” a two-part epic transferring from the West End to Broadway this month, tells Backstage readers how to handle rejection—and how not to tackle a musical audition.

  • Interview

    Fox’s ‘Weird’ New Unromantic Comedy

    From “King of Queens” co-creator Michael J. Weithorn comes “Weird Loners,” a comedy about relationship-phobic singles into which he poured himself and his life.

  • 1 New Opportunity for Serialized Content Creators (Worth $10K!)

    IFP’s Screen Forward Lab is seeking serialized content creators from Instagram to Web series and beyond to apply to their Labs program, which provides artists with mentors, a Made in NY Media Center residency, and $10,000 to create new work.

  • Interview

    Joel Kinnaman Stays Versatile

    The former star of AMC’s “The Killing” is back on screens this year as a sociopath in “Child 44,” following his turn as Liam Neeson’s son in “Run All Night”—all part of his plan to keep fans guessing.

  • Interview

    3 Monologue Experts on How to Nail Your Next Audition

    How to find that perfect speech? Backstage asks theater literary directors what actors need to remember in selecting and preparing an audition monologue.

  • Interview

    Why You Should Never Take No for an Answer

    English actor Jon Fletcher is making his biggest TV debut yet on the CW’s “The Messengers.” He talks to Backstage about his transition from theater to television, and why he didn’t take no for an answer.

  • Interview

    Carrie Anne Hunt on Thriving in the Atlanta Market

    Co-chair of the Atlanta SAG-AFTRA Indie Outreach Committee Carrie Anne Hunt tells us about living and thriving in the Georgia market and offers advice for her fellow actors!