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    Why Queen Latifah Waited 20 Years for ‘Bessie’

    The Oscar nominee has been scheduled to play Empress of the Blues Bessie Smith since she was 22 years old—and now the HBO biopic will debut May 16.

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    3 Questions to Ask When Prepping a Role

    Actor Zach Woods speaks to Backstage about his character Jared on “Silicon Valley,” how he prepared by asking himself specific questions, and finally solves the mystery of how Jared got off the island of Arallon.

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    Roger Craig Smith on How Standup Influenced His Voiceover Career

    From voicing video game characters to providing narration on primetime television, Roger Craig Smith (“Sonic Boom,” “Regular Show” the “Assassin’s Creed game series) discusses his advice for aspiring actors, and how standup influenced his career.

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    The Key to Onscreen Success: Get Behind the Camera

    Eoin Macken, the star of NBC’s medical drama “The Night Shift,” stresses the importance of learning about every facet of film to improve your craft.

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    The New Series for Soap Opera Lovers

    The co-creator of Daytime Emmy-nominated Web series “Beacon Hill” chats with Backstage about getting her story told, the shooting process, and their Emmy tap.

  • Advice

    Why Theater in Schools Is Important

    Backstage chats with the Educational Theatre Association’s executive director Julie Woffington about getting theater into school programs, how the organization supports teachers and students alike, and the new program it has introduced to help high-poverty areas practice theater.

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    7 Questions With...Kal Penn

    Best known for his roles in the “Harold & Kumar” films, Kal Penn now stars in the new cop dramedy “Battle Creek,” and chats with Backstage about racists in the audition room.

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    5 Tips for Actors-Turned-Directors

    Acting coach-actor George Pogatsia sits down with Backstage to chat about sitting on the director’s chair, how to stay grounded in your story, and the essentials to a truthful performance.

  • Interview

    Jonathan Mangum’s 25-Year Improv Journey

    The actor and comedian known for “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and “Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza” discusses his long and trying comedic path, and shares why improv is a vital skill for all actors and how to use it in your next audition.

  • News

    1 Way to Stay Creative Between Gigs

    Opening Act offers students in NYC’s lowest-performing schools the ability to create their own theater and acquire skills through improv, acting, and playwriting. A benefit was held April 21 to raise funds for programming.