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  • Interview

    7 Acting Lessons From 'Mom’s' Sadie Calvano

    Sadie Calvano may play the sarcastic daughter of Anna Faris on CBS's "Mom," but the pleasant, upbeat actor was excited to chat about working on the show and the acting lessons she's learned.

  • News

    Volunteer Org Seeks Actors to Help Kids

    “Watching the student, seeing what they’ve written come to life, that is hands down the most memorable moment,” said YSF executive director Bill Thompson.

  • Advice

    5 Ways To Tell If Your Child Is a Natural Actor

    The fake cry. Every parent has heard it and knows in an instant when their child is pretending. I would say the same is true for good casting directors. They can spot a young actor pretending to feel something they don’t.

  • Advice

    4 Tips For Young Actors Auditioning for Period Pieces

    Period pieces are fun projects for kids. Being plopped into a different time with unusual clothing under interesting circumstances makes the experience rich with fantasy and compelling to master for your actors.

  • Advice

    When Should Your Child Actor Join the Union?

    What is the difference between union (SAG-AFTRA) jobs and non-union projects and when should my child join the union? The differences between these types of projects can be confusing, so here are a few general tips of the trade.

  • Advice

    A Manager’s Love Letter To Her Clients

    This is a thank you, an acknowledgment, an appreciation, and an encouragement to you for sacrifices and the good things you do for your kids.

  • Advice

    7 Tips For Parents of Young Performers

    The key to success for both the parent and young actor is to prepare for the challenges, remain flexible and creative when solving problems, and stay organized. Here are some tips to make your experience as the parent of a working child actor a happy and successful one.

  • Advice

    20 Rules for Young Actors and Their Parents to Live By

    This month I decided to ask my clients, both young actors and their parents, what advice they have for working and aspiring actors and their parents on the set or on the road.

  • Advice

    3 Steps To Choosing Classes For Young Actors

    One of the best ways for children interested in acting professionally to get their feet wet in the business is to get involved in acting classes and workshops.

  • News

    15 Signs You Might Be a Stage Mom

    Is there such a thing as loving your child too much? What about wanting your child to be a star too much? Well, stage moms tow the line. The following are signs—in good-natured fun—that you might be pushing your child too far.