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    They Grow Up So Fast

    Not all young performers have the same needs. Toddlers auditioning for Pampers commercials are miles apart from 20-year-olds competing for teen roles on a sitcom.

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    Camping It Up

    Back Stage recently spoke to alumni and employees of three summer theater camps, as well as two acting schools that offer summer programs for kids and teens.

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    A Star Is Born

    The show he's on is called "Ugly Betty" (ABC) but there's no question that Mark Indelicato's role as Betty's flamboyant young nephew has been a major contributor to the show's appeal.

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    The Youth Market

    "Hannah Montana." "High School Musical." The youth market is taking Hollywood by storm. There's never been a better time for aspiring kid and teen actors to break into show business.

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    Bringing Up Baby

    When Miley Cyrus wanted to shift away from the tween roles that have defined her career, Tish Cyrus, her mother and co-manager, started at the top.

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    Major Issues for Minors

    When it comes to entertainment, kids are no longer in the minor leagues. Today, young actors are grabbing major roles—just look at Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, or the "Harry Potter" stars.