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    Create a Winning Acting Mindset

    Often actors limit themselves from a lack of knowledge of how the business works. There are actors just starting their careers who screen test and get major parts. It may not take years to get a breakout role.

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    How To Overcome Your Fear

    Whether you are preparing an audition, or on your way to an interview with an agent and you suddenly have an attack of fear or doubt, how do you get over it? What do you do?

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    7 Steps To An Olympic Mindset as an Actor

    How do you compare to an gold medal winner? Do you have a winning mindset? Here are qualities that give athletes the ability to win!

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    The 5 Marketing Tools Every Actor Needs

    The good news is that marketing yourself has never been easier, cheaper, or more effective. The bad news is that if you’re lazy those things won’t make a bit of difference. So give yourself a pep talk, if necessary, and get crackin’. Here are the five essential parts ...