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    How Meditation Can Revolutionize Your Acting Career

    We can take a practice of meditation out into our very active and busy worlds on a daily basis. And when we do, not only will our lives improve, but we’ll begin to have awareness of where we get stuck in life.

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    Introduction to Meditation for Actors (Part 3)

    In order for meditation to be beneficial, you have to do it, and do it with some degree of consistency. It's also important that your practice doesn’t feel like a chore but instead feels relaxing, nurturing, and energizing.

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    Introduction to Meditation for Actors (Part 2)

    Your whole audition can be made or broken by what happens during the first few minutes you spend with the sides. You only get one shot at reading a piece for the first time, and if your mind is agitated you have wasted a golden opportunity.

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    Introduction To Meditation For Actors (Part 1)

    In the next couple of weeks I will share some of the steps of the Meditation for Actors practice. I hope you’ll join me. It’s a beautiful and powerful journey.