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    3 Ways to Put the ‘Working Actor’ In ‘Networking’

    Executive director at NewFilmmakers Los Angeles Larry Laboe gives great tips on ways to network, understanding your choices during the filmmaking process, and what to do when making an indie short film.

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    Looking for New Networking Opportunities in NYC?

    The 2nd annual 30UNDER30 Film Festival runs from Oct. 3–5 in New York City, exposing actors to new filmmakers and three nights of networking opportunities!

  • Interview

    USC’s Jennifer Warren Encourages Actors to Hyphenate

    Jennifer Warren, senior lecturer at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, advices young performers: “I think you should have five balls in the air."

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    15 Reasons Every Actor Should Attend Comic Con

    Comic Con is the ultimate nerd fest, but don't let the costumes bely the fact that it's a great opportunity for actors to network and learn more about their favorite shows! Here are 15 reasons why every actor should attend Comic Con.

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    3 Tips for Successful Networking

    As an actor, it's selling your brand—talent, training, appearance—in order to create or act upon a business opportunity. The goal is a follow-up call, meeting, audition, or booking! Keep these three tips in mind, and your networking will go far more successfully.

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    5 Ways for Actors To Take Advantage of Social Media

    Want to increase your reach and network as an actor? Here are five great ways to take advantage of social media.

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    Is Nepotism Always Black and White?

    A great deal of “who you know” is at play in the entertainment industry, but is that such a bad thing? In an artistic field with so much competition, nepotism becomes less black and white.

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    6 Steps to Writing a Great Bio

    A bio is a summary of the highlights of your career—your training, credits, and something about you personally, i.e. what you do when you are not acting. It tells the industry in sentence form—unlike the columns in your resume—what roles you can play and how to ...

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    How to Expand Your Network as an Actor

    Acting teacher Jackie Apodaca gives tips on how to successfully network as an actor and advance your career through the people you know right now.

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    7 Networking Tips For Actors

    As a publicist, my job has always been focused on people and the interaction my clients get with consumers and their audience. I've compiled seven tips on how you can increase your networking ability.