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    8 Great Actors Who Got Their Start on the Disney Channel

    You remember them from such shows as “Even Stevens” “Lizzie McGuire,” or even “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club,” but today these actors are better than ever.

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    Keegan-Michael Key on Creating Specific Characters

    During a SAG Foundation Q&A, Keegan-Michael Key shared his advice for aspiring comedy actors, his tips for creating specific characters, and more!

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    Atlantic Acting School Offering Student Classes

    The NYC-based Atlantic Acting School is offering classes for high school juniors and seniors looking to prepare for college auditions and a career on the stage or screen.

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    1st Annual Statera Foundation Conference Empowers Women in Theater

    The foundation’s co-founder Melinda Vaughn told Backstage how its inaugural conference in Cedar City, Utah, allowed female theatermakers to re-evaluate and reinvigorate issues of gender parity in regional theaters across America.

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    5 Reasons to Join Backstage Immediately

    From access to thousands of casting notices to our streamlined, sophisticated profile pages, Backstage offers actors and performers the chance to get cast.

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    Atlanta News Roundup: August 3, 2015

    It feels like the celebs are outnumbering the locals in Atlanta this summer; one coastal part of Georgia hopes to change that; and SCAD has announced a new BFA degree in film and TV. It’s this week’s Atlanta News Roundup. Atlanta Being Taken Over by CelebritiesThere are celebrity ...

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    Texas News Roundup: August 3, 2015

    Texas is taking on “The Leftovers”; meanwhile Texas’ incentive program takes a hit; and one documentarian sets his sights on something sweet. It’s this week’s Texas News Roundup.

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    11 Things to Do to Wrap Up Your Summer Stock Gig

    It’s almost August, which means your summer stock theater gig will be over soon and it’ll be back to reality. Soon you’ll have to wrap things up, and it won’t be easy. Here are 11 things you can do now to make the transition back to ...

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    8 Young (and Mighty) New York Theater Companies

    The New York theater scene is as vibrant—and competitive—as ever. Here are eight young, New York-based theater companies that are making their mark in a major way.

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    6 Frigid Films to Beat the Heat

    Summer is blissfully upon us and as much as the heat is appreciated by all the sun-worshippers, there are still days when we wish it were just a bit cooler. In the spirit of getting your mind over matter, here are six films set in cold climates to bring down ...