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    5 North Texas Performances to See This Month

    The weather has cooled down, and weekends have moved from backyard barbecues to artistic endeavors, with many local arts companies launching their 2015–16 season. Here is our rundown of some of the most promising performances to catch in the upcoming month.

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    Sacha Baron Cohen in Search of Comedy Talents for New Production Company

    After sealing a deal with Channel 4, Sacha Baron Cohen is looking for innovative comics to support with his production company, Spelthorne Community Television.

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    13 Football Players Who Became Actors

    No strangers to being on TV every Sunday, football players make their small-screen debut the moment they begin playing in the NFL. However, many pro football players have gone on to pursue acting careers, and to celebrate the start of football season, here are 13 who did!

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    Join Eric Stonestreet for Advice-Oriented Improv!

    The “Modern Family” star will take the iO West Theater stage with Michael Bunin and Dana Powell for an evening combining career-oriented questions from the audience and long-form riffs on Stonestreet’s honest responses.

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    Learn How to Nail Your College Dance Audition!

    Dancewave, a nonprofit dedicated to developing strategies for learning and connecting dance in Brooklyn, will be hosting Dance Through College and Beyond 2015 on Oct. 18.

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    5 Pieces of Must-Know Casting News

    Stay in the loop on industry and casting news with our weekly write-up on who’s been slated for recent film and television roles.

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    14 Things Actors Wish Non-Actors Understood

    Whether they’re your friends from college who went down different paths, your cousins, survival job coworkers, or anyone in between, non-actors don’t understand certain aspects of your profession. Can you relate to the following?

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    Free Dance Festival Comes to Brooklyn

    Looking to see some great dance performances? Brooklyn and White Wave will be hosting the 2015 Dumbo Dance Festival, a four-day celebration of movement.

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    15 Famous Actors From Texas

    They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes the talent! Before they were big-name performers, many of the industry’s best got their start in their Lone Star State hometowns. Here are 15 of them!

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    Amazon Studios Announces 6 New Pilots

    Keep up with the six new shows coming out of Amazon Studios so you can choose which get picked up for a full series production! Upcoming projects will star Christina Ricci, Shaquille O’Neal, Gavin Stenhouse, Max Martini, and Yvonne Strahovski.