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    11 Upcoming Original Netflix Shows

    All done binge-watching the third season of “Orange Is the New Black”? Here are 11 other titles the streaming giant has in development—including a sitcom from Aziz Ansari and a supernatural drama starring Winona Ryder!

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    12 Epic Cosplays From New York Comic Con Every Actor Should Envy

    Actors get to become fictional characters all the time! But for these fans at New York Comic Con, when the opportunity arose for them to be some fun character, they went all out!

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    8 Chances to Land a Role

    Here are eight upcoming auditions for L.A. and NYC actors including a short film, a pilot, a feature film starring Michael Fassbender, and theater production on both coasts and Colorado.

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    9 Places to Study Comedy in Los Angeles

    With pilot season around the corner and a slew of new single- and multi-camera comedies, there is no better time to hone your comedy and improvisation skills. LA-based actors take note: Here are 9 great places to study comedic acting.

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    20 Great Dance Movies

    There's nothing like a good dance flick to bring people together. Whether you're a professional dancer or the owner of two left feet, here are 20 fun and inspiring dance films to get you moving this summer!

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    6 Inspiring Volunteer Opportunities for Actors

    As an actor, you might often find yourself to be the one seeking advice and mentorship…but you’re not the only one who needs it. Here are a few opportunities that might be perfect for the generous actors out there.

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    10 AAASK (Acronyms All Actors Should Know)

    Do you know your way around the actors’ alphabet? Here are 10 common (and important) abbreviations you’ll hear on set, on stage, and behind the scenes.

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    13 TV Shows That Ended Too Soon

    With the news that “Hannibal” will not be back on NBC for a fourth season, fans are hopeful for a Netflix or Hulu pick-up. Let’s take a look at some awesome shows that ended way too soon, and could have really thrived on a streaming platform.

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    11 Things Actors Say When They Get Home After Their Summer Theater Gig

    As summer winds down, working actors everywhere are returning home from their summer theater productions. The leaves will fall, the showmances will fade, résumés will grow one credit longer, and the following things will be said.

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    1 Way to Springboard Your Theater Career

    The American Theatre Wing’s SpringboardNYC program is a two-week boot camp designed to ease the transition between college and the professional theater world.