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    7 Chances to Get Cast This Week

    From student films to features, L.A. theater to L.A. improv, Backstage casting notices have got you covered. Check out these seven notices from this week!

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    1 New Place to Find Monologues

    New VP at Playscripts Brad Lohrenz chats with Backstage about what the company is known for, what sets it apart, and tools to make life a little easier for those looking to license plays.

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    5 Chances to Land a Role

    Here are five casting notices from Backstage to get you in the audition room, including a short film about a couple that wrote an Oscar-winning screenplay, a theater production in San Diego, and background work on a series starring Kevin Bacon.

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    5 Great Casting Notices

    Check out these five casting notices which include a musical theater festival in upstate New York, Walt Disney’s open casting call down in Kissimmee, Fl., and a shot at background work in the upcoming Nat Wolff-starring feature, “Paper Towns.”

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    Samuel French VP Ken Dingledine on Channeling Your Inner Playwright

    The vice president and director of operations at Samuel French discusses the importance of publishing theater, what makes a great play, and how actors have more of a knack for playwriting than they might think.

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    18 Multicultural Theater Companies Across the U.S.

    As mainstream American theater adjusts to an ever-emerging melting pot of cultures, theaters across the country are placing inclusion at the forefront of their work. Here are 18 great examples of multicultural theater companies that raise up underrepresented artists of all kinds.

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    10 Classic (and Contemporary) Holiday Plays and Musicals

    Seeing these family-friendly, feel-good shows is a beloved tradition for many communities, and holiday productions find a welcome home on many an actor’s résumé. Here are some festive titles you’re sure to recognize, along with a few fresh winter picks!

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    1 Piece of Advice for Actors Looking to Produce Their Own Work

    Professor Andrew Shea has worked in theater, film, and television all over the country, and is now teaching production at the University of Texas at Austin.

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    ‘Corpus Christi’ Talks Back Onstage and a New Doc

    Terrence McNally’s much-boycotted play has been touring the country for years—and is still as divisive as it was when it premiered 16 years ago, according to documentary “Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption.”

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    11 Theater Companies Known for Producing New Works

    Lovers of original theater unite! Check out these 11 companies known for fostering playwrights' talents and producing new works.