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    6 Great Festivals for New Media Creators

    These new media festivals are a great way for content creators to be recognized for their work across YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat, podcasts, and more!

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    How to Become a Victoria’s Secret Angel

    Hundreds of models around the world vie for a coveted spot in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Here are 10 tips on how to break into the modeling world and make that dream come true!

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    How to Become a Production Assistant

    Being a production assistant is the first step for aspiring filmmakers, but it is also one of the best survival jobs for the auditioning actor. Here’s how to land such a job in New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta!

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    How to Become a Theater Director

    Are you an aspiring visionary of the stage? As you browse Backstage for directing gigs, here are a few pointers from top industry professionals to keep in mind.

  • 9 Apps All Actors Should Have

    These nine apps can improve both your everyday life as well as your acting career!

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    How to Pick the Right Headshot for Your Backstage Profile

    Choosing the right headshot for your Backstage profile can be daunting. That’s why we’re offering seven tips to make sure you pick the best one!

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    How to Become an Uber or Lyft Driver

    Looking to pay your bills or fund your artistic projects with a part-time job that offers flexibility and mobility? As ridesharing apps continue to reshape the way people travel, drivers are taking advantage of the smartphone technology—and the income!

  • Interview

    The List and Beyond: Inside the Kilroys’ Theater Revolution

    Annah Feinberg reveals how the Kilroys, a group of playwrights sick of talking about gender parity, came up with the List—and how they’ll continue to encourage theaters to produce plays by female and transgender writers.

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    The 5 Best Acting Agencies for Kids

    Choosing an agent for your child is a personal experience, but understanding the agency they come from is strictly business. Here are five agencies who are doing big things in the realm of child representation.

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    How to Become a Commercial Model

    Joe Thompson, an agent at Abrams Artists Agency, explains how theater or film actors can launch a career in print and television commercials—a welcoming market that’s always hiring.