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    How to Become an Actor in Austin

    Check out these eight tips to get you and your acting career started in the Lone Star State!

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    How to Find Theme Park Jobs

    To help you get started on your theme park job search, Backstage breaks down the application and audition processes for industry heavy-hitters Disneyland, Six Flags Theme Parks, and Universal Orlando.

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    14 Signs Acting Is Your True Passion

    Acting and performing is your life’s work! Here are 14 telltale signs you could never live without it.

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    5 Top Voiceover Talent Agencies

    Looking to kick your voiceover career into high gear? Landing representation is a great way to start. Here are five agencies with celebrity clientele and offices all over the country to get you started!

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    How to Get an Indie Film Released

    Tribeca All Access is helping early-career filmmakers get the resources they need—from casting directors to actors and editors—to get their projects off the ground.

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    How to Become a (Successful) Playwright

    Whether you’re inspired by the classics, or you have a budding idea that just needs to make its way to the stage, here are a few pointers for early-career playwrights to keep in mind.

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    The Best Disney Audition Songs for Men

    Disney has managed to create a wealth of audition material for musical theater performers—including these great audition songs for men!

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    9 People Who Became Famous Using Backstage

    What do "Hamilton" Tony winner Leslie Odom Jr., "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" star Jane Krakowski, and Captain America Chris Evans all have in common? They booked their first jobs through Backstage!

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    Great Disney Audition Songs for Women

    Disney’s managed to create a wealth of audition material for musical theater performers. Here are some classic songs to make your own for your next audition.

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    How to Become a Stage Manager

    As any professional stage manager will tell you, there’s no single, right way to navigate the road to success. But the USC School of Dramatic Arts just made it a little easier.