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    1 Crucial Audition Factor You Might be Overlooking

    Backstage Expert Aaron Marcus highlights an essential part of a successful audition, which actors often underestimate.

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    Backstage Experts Answer: How Should Actors Slate?

    Not sure how to slate during an audition? Our Backstage Experts have got you covered!

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    How Should Actors Slate?

    Saying your name before an audition seems simple, but many actors stress over the slating process. Should you be in character? Should you smile, or appear expressionless? Backstage Expert and New York acting coach Matt Newton shares some basic slating tips for your upcoming projects!  Welcome to the latest episode ...

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    How to Become a Master at Slating

    I’m seeing an epidemic of extremely uncomfortable actors in casting offices across the globe. Actors who are seemingly adept at tackling Shakespeare to Mamet have one major problem—slating.