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  • Interview

    What to Strive For in Your Web Series

    Backstage chats with the creators of “LARPs,” the comedic Web series about Live Action Role Players that was picked up by premium YouTube channel Geek & Sundry for its second season.

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    8 Chances to Get Cast

    What better way to round off the end of March than with landing a job! Here are eight casting notices from the past week listed on Backstage including roles in a Jodie Foster-directed film, a project for CollegeHumor, and several short films!

  • Interview

    The ‘Boyhood’ ‘Rip-Off’ You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

    Web series “Magic Phone” takes a similar formula to “Boyhood,” shooting footage 12 years prior and continuing the comedic story about a phone that can call the past, in the 21st century.

  • Interview

    1 Way to Further Your Acting Through Instagram

    Actors Nikki Borges and Amanda de la Nuez take to the modern social media platform to bring back a thoroughly vintage form of filmmaking with “Silent Brokelyn.”

  • Interview

    1 Quick Way to Become an Internet Sensation

    Since its inception in 2008, 5-Second Films has created over 1,400 videos, attracted national and global attention, and most importantly, paved its own path as a digital content giant.

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    8 Questions With...Tituss Burgess

    Broadway’s Sebastian in “The Little Mermaid” reflects on the role that most inspired him, his obsession with Robin Wright, and the magic of working with Tina Fey on Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

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    Branding Your Web Series Is ‘SRSLY’ Easy

    Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson produce, write, and star in a series of fabulous and funny shorts that have earned them critical acclaim—plus the opportunity to work with the likes of Refinery29 and Ann Taylor LOFT.

  • Interview

    7 Questions With...Kim Dickens

    After stealing the show in "Gone Girl" as no-nonsense Det. Rhonda Boney, "Deadwood" veteran Dickens joins the ranks of "House of Cards" as a crusading journalist—but whether she'll meet the same fate as that show's other reporters, she won't say.

  • Interview

    A Lesson in the Success of Specificity

    Content creators and co-stars Shannon Walker and Damon Cardasis talk about their Writers Guild-nominated Web series “Vicky & Lysander” and why they’d rather have a specific brand of humor than cater to the masses.

  • Advice

    How Rooster Teeth Became the Premier Digital Content Giant

    Since its inception in 2003, Rooster Teeth Productions has continued to grow, becoming a key player in online digital content and showcasing incredible talent worldwide.