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    WATCH: The Dark Comedy of Commercial Casting

    Married couple Gillian Pensavalle and Michael Paul Smith teamed up to create “The Residuals,” a Web series about the weird (and funny) process of auditioning for commercials.

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    Is Netflix the New Indie Film Champ?

    Netflix announces plans for its 2015 indie film slate despite pushback from the U.S.’s major theaters, including AMC and Regal.

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    ‘Trailing’: How a Bad Job Turned Into a Web Series

    Steven Phillips-Horst got fired from his job as a political consultant. Good thing, because it was the catalyst he needed to create “Trailing,” a sharp satire skewering the life he once lived.

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    #ICastIt 1 Reason Casting Directors Love Video Auditions

    Inspired by the success (and quality) of “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” Web video enthusiast Liz Groombridge decided to take advance of her college’s summer fellowship to help fund her 16 episode Web series “The Green’s Apartment.” The series is a queer, supernatural take on Shakespeare’s “As You ...

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    WATCH: Netflix’s New Trailer for ‘Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp’

    It’s a star-studded reprisal of roles in cult favorite “Wet Hot American Summer.” Check out the trailer featuring the likes of Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Kristen Wiig, Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm, John Slattery, Lake Bell, and many more.

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    1 New Setting for Comedy and Gender Equality

    “Space Happens” is a funny feminist space odyssey created by two ladies out of the Chicago theater scene. Backstage talks with co-creator Elizabeth Rodriguez about the possibilities of space and why the Internet needed a feminist sci-fi comedy.

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    13 TV Shows That Ended Too Soon

    With the news that “Hannibal” will not be back on NBC for a fourth season, fans are hopeful for a Netflix or Hulu pick-up. Let’s take a look at some awesome shows that ended way too soon, and could have really thrived on a streaming platform.

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    1 Way to Dive Into the Mind of Your CD

    Backstage chats with the creators of the new Web series “The Dinner Project,” where casting directors sit down and share their industry experience, what attracts them to actors, and what not to do in the audition room.

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    11 Upcoming Original Netflix Shows

    All done binge-watching the third season of “Orange Is the New Black”? Here are 11 other titles the streaming giant has in development—including a sitcom from Aziz Ansari and a supernatural drama starring Winona Ryder!

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    ‘Understudies’: Showcasing an Often Thankless Position

    This Web series focuses on the actors necessary to any production who are rarely seen: the understudies. Backstage chats with the series’ creators, Elisabeth Gray and Daniel Zimbler, about their approach to the series, what inspired it, and casting an actor via a selfie.