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    Cine Meter Gives Eye-Pleasing iPhone Light Levels

    Get professional lighting for your film projects with Cine Meter on your smartphone.

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    5 Reasons To Avoid Fixing Your Project in Post-Production

    From the technical to the tactical, here are five tips to develop the best post-production strategy for your project and help you get your plan started before it’s too late.

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    DIY Livestreaming

    Ten or 20 years ago, the concept of live video brought to mind the nightly news. Now, live video has another meaning entirely—that is, livestreaming, or webcasting. And you as an actor or host can deliver your own live content.

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    How to Shoot a Basic Action Shot

    Getting a good action shot is not hard, but it takes some patience and attention to detail—as all camerawork does! Here are a few pointers to help you get in on the action.

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    Playing With Time; Slowing It Down

    Part of the magic of the movies comes from the fact that within them, we have free rein to play with time. Filmmakers can speed up real-time footage, slow it down, pause it, rewind it—all in the name of storytelling and cinematography.

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    Always Be On Time To Your Auditions With NeverLate

    Even if you’re the most prepared person in the world you can be stalled by street snarl or even just rush hour, you need a way to stay on time even when things are at their craziest. For this, NeverLate can help.

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    Samsung’s Fabulous New Phablet

    The just-released Samsung Galaxy Mega is the first “phablet” I’ve seen that comes close to fusing the phone and the tablet in a way that really makes sense. It's tailor-made for people who need to do more than talk but don’t need (or maybe don’t want ...

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    Apple’s Latest iMac Is Sexier Than Ever

    Desktops are likely to surge again in popularity once more people see the power and sex appeal inherent in Apple’s new iMac.

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    Amazon’s Whiter, Brighter Kindle Makes Role Research a Pleasure

    With easy and easy-to-read access to thousands of books from Amazon’s store, or PDFs, or numerous other kinds of documents, Kindles are among the most pocket- and eye-friendly ways to read anything anywhere.

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    Eric Berger Reimagines Mainstream Entertainment With Crackle

    Crackle was originally a user-generated site; Berger set about putting a different spin on it about two years ago. “We sort of repositioned Crackle into what it is today, which is more akin to how you would program a traditional network to a world where the whole living room has ...