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    4 Basics of Photo Editing

    Fortunately, you don't have to have thousands of dollars worth of high-tech editing software and gadgetry to boost your photo quality. All you need is a basic editing program.

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    4 Ways To Save Time in Post-Production

    Much like any process in any industry, taking sensible steps to organize and economize will go a long way in helping you save time and money. Here are a few tips to help save time in the post-production process.

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    4 Tips for Shooting a Long Take

    Filmmaking is all digital, so you can shoot until your multi-gigabyte-sound-card heart is content. It is a tough trick to pull off well however, so here are a few tips if you are inclined to try it.

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    Nokia Lumia 1020 Boast Best Smartphone Camera for Actors

    If you’re looking for the smartphone that takes the absolute best pictures, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is it. The pictures are incredible: crisp, with little noise, and staying good through higher ISO settings.

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    How to Shoot Video Using Natural Light

    Despite the hurdles, if you familiarize yourself with natural light – what it’s all about and how it works – you’re well on the way to capturing some stunning images. So keep your eyes and your mind open. Here are three tips to consider on your next project.

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    4 Ways to Make Your Content More Professional

    If you want your content to be taken seriously in an increasingly competitive marketplace, the buck stops with you. Assuming you’ve only got a few bucks in your budget, here are 4 practical tips to help on your climb to the next level.

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    5 Ways To Use a Tablet To Boost Your Acting Career

    Tablets can be very useful tools in an actor's arsenal. If you're on the fence about investing in a tablet, or have one but haven't explored what it can do, here are five things actors can do with a tablet.

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    How To Use Your Smartphone to Light Your Film Project

    The proper lighting scheme can make or break your production. Lighting is everything. But adequate lighting is often expensive—sometimes even prohibitively expensive. And even if you have access to studio-quality lights, setting them up can be a time-consuming and intensive challenge.

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    Videoshots Offers Actors Video Headshots on YouTube

    Feinstein recognized that there are many talented actors who may not have performed in concerts but still need high-quality videos of their work, and thus, Videoshots was born. The new program essentially creates "video headshots" for musical theater actors to showcase their vocal performance talents.

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    Turn Your iPad into a Recording Studio with iTrack Solo

    Pro audio manufacturer Focusrite has developed a new product called the iTrack Solo that provides you with a two-channel interface you can use right with your iPad.