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    Jeff Hiller Brings Hit Musical “Silence!” to L.A.

    Original cast member Jeff Hiller brings the Off-Broadway hit “Silence! The Musical” to Los Angeles.

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    Sam Shepard’s “Heartless,” his latest symbolic drama, gets loving attention from Signature Theatre and offers fine performances, particularly from Lois Smith, but still fails to accrete in a persuasive way.

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    Elephant Room

    There’s a “Wayne’s World” inanity in “Elephant Room,” from Center Theatre Group, with three infectiously silly performers executing impressive magic tricks. But is it theater?

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    A Shakespeare Collection for Your Tablet

    Working in the theater means knowing Shakespeare. The free Shakespeare app for iOS devices gives you a complete reference guide to the Bard’s works.

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    CD Duncan Stewart’s Submission and Audition Advice

    The casting director of “Chicago,” “La Cage aux Folles,” and more on getting cast.

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    The Blue Iris

    In its riveting U.S. premiere at Los Angeles’ Fountain Theatre, Athol Fugard’s “The Blue Iris” treads delicately across the landscape of the heart.

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    An apt deathly calm informs International City Theatre’s staging of “Ghost-Writer,” Michael Hollinger’s otherworldly tale of a novelist and his secretary circa 1919.

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    Cougar the Musical

    Director-choreographer Lynne Taylor-Corbett mistakes Donna Moore’s “Cougar the Musical,” at St. Luke’s Theatre, for a show of substance, and what should be a frolic lacks oomph.

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    Missionary in Manhattan

    The Mormon-themed “Missionary in Manhattan,” created by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn and part of the Dream Up Festival, is just an extended comedy sketch with songs.

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    Dion Millington provides a fresh take on Effie White, but director-choreographer Keith Lee Grant can’t do the same for Harlem Repertory Theatre’s production of “Dreamgirls.”