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    A Short Trip

    In Jason Atkinson’s dull Fringe comedy “A Short Trip,” complex religious questions underlie superficial concerns in a story about whether a spouse should take a Roman vacation.

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    An Interrogation Primer

    The Fringe show “An Interrogation Primer” is a chilling, thought-provoking stage adaptation of an essay by an American military interrogator about his experiences inIraq.

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    In author Matthew Greene’s Fringe show “#MormoninChief,” a Mormon running for president says something provocative in church that a congregant Tweets, but nothing much happens.

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    The Apocalypse of John

    In “The Apocalypse of John,” a scatterbrained Fringe comedy from the Serious Theatre Collective, it’s the end of the world at the Players Theatre.

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    Blanche: The Bittersweet Life of a Wild Prairie Dame

    “Blanche: The Bittersweet Life of a Wild Prairie Dame,” Onalea Gilbertson’s Fringe Festival song cycle about her feisty grandmother, lacks craft but is an affecting love letter.

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    5 Tips for Writing a Play

    The play does not always start at the beginning. Sometimes the first scene you write ends up in the middle of the play. This happens because when I write, I’m really channeling the voices of my characters.

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    The lovely Tara Grammy proves that she’s a very talented woman with “Mahmoud,” a Fringe show that examines the lives of several Iranian expatriates living inToronto.

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    Dream Up Festival Features New Works

    Dream Up is a festival dedicated exclusively to new works of a nontraditional bent. It eschews the well-made play, and hopes for pieces focused more on ideas, and that use “roads less traveled or undiscovered” to communicate those ideas.

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    Chain Reaction

    In conveying the fascinating events behind the creation of the atomic bomb, Jonathan Alexandratos’ the Fringe show “Chain Reaction” unfortunately never settles on a tone.

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    Girl in Argentine Landscape

    Though not particularly incisive for a coming-of-age story, “Girl in Argentine Landscape,” at the Fringe, is brought to life with a riveting performance by author Naomi Grossman.