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    ‘Book of Mormon’s’ Jared Gertner Goes From Standby to Leading Man

    Jared Gertner headlines the first national tour of "The Book of Mormon," which launched in Denver, as Elder Cunningham alongside Gavin Creel.

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    The Grönholm Method

    Stephen Spinella and Jonathan Cake grace the cast of Jordi Galcerán Ferrer’s “The Grönholm Method,” a scathing, delightfully twisted satire of corporate greed, at Falcon Theatre.

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    Strange Bedfellows

    “Strange Bedfellows,” a tale of a gay politician, borrows too much from Howard Hawks’ 1940 film “His Girl Friday,” but Theatre Out’s world premiere is a fast-paced lark.

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    “Dogs,” at the Fringe, is a movement-oriented work about a gay Israeli theater director trying to make an all-male musical out of “Romeo and Juliet” with Arab and Jewish actors.

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    Oasis: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Middle East but Were Afraid to Dance

    A slow, heavy-handed, choreographically repetitive work created by Nejla Y. Yatkin, “Oasis” is nevertheless a lusciously danced exploration of life in the Middle East.

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    DC Moore’s barroom monologue “Honest,” a Fringe show, purports to reanimate the outrage that spawned Occupy Wall Street, but mostly it’s the sour ramblings of an unlikable drunk.

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    Our Lady

    Author-director-actor James Fluhr’s “Our Lady,” a Fringe show about countering homophobic bigotry, is as stunning a piece of performance art as you’re ever likely to encounter.

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    Playwright Arlene Hutton is a bit stymied by her foray into futuristic melodrama with “Vacuum,” a Fringe melodrama about whether or not a cancer cure should be suppressed.

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    Richard III

    Jay Whittaker does skilled and showy work as the hunchback king in Shakespeare’s “Richard III,” at the Old Globe, in director Lindsay Posner’s contemporarily set production.

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    Dark Hollow: An Appalachian Woyzeck

    Traditional and original folksongs give gorgeous texture to “Dark Hollow,” a Fringe Festival adaptation by Elizabeth Chaney of Georg Büchner’s classic tragedy “Woyzeck.”