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    Tara Battani, Good Listener (Slideshow)

    Backstage member Tara Battani is a SAG-AFTRA actor who earned her B.A. in theater from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Tex., and has since booked several roles as a result of reading Backstage.

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    'Ruff' Is a Freewheeling Cabaret of Confessions

    Peggy Shaw’s “Ruff,” about her 2011 stroke, part of P.S. 122’s Coil Festival, is playful and moving, a surprising, multidimensional exploration of a uniquely human burden, the mind.

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    2012 IT Awards Take Over Kaye Playhouse

    Hundreds were in attendance when the 2012 New York Innovation Theater Awards took over the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College on Monday night. The IT Awards, now in their tenth year, were created in 2005 to celebrate New York City’s Off-Off-Broadway theater community.    Performer Sky Seals kicked off the ...

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    Honorary Recipients Announced for 2012 NYIT Awards

    Five Lesbian Brothers, the Theatre Development Fund, and Astoria Performing Arts Center will receive honorary awards at this year's New York Innovative Theatre Awards in September.

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    'The Man Under' Goes Right Under

    “The Man Under,” in its world premiere from Athena Theatre, turns the dangerous world of the subway tunnels into a production as conventional and unadventurous as they come.

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    'The Lion King' On Broadway Celebrates 15th Anniversary (Slideshow)

    It's been 15 years since Simba first mounted Broadway's pride rock, and the cast and creative team took the occasion to celebration the anniversary on Sunday.

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    LA Stage Alliance Readies a Community Center

    The LA Stage Alliance, a non-profit arts group, is close to fully funding a community center that includes storage space, a lounge with free coffee, and Wi-Fi.

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    ‘Collision’ Runs Into Its Own Brick Wall

    Lyle Kessler’s new play “Collision,” from the Amoralists at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, starts strongly as a black comedy about American rage but devolves into dank melodrama.

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    A thoughtful Fringe Festival play by Oren Stevens, “Phantomwise” is exquisitely performed and concerns Alice Liddell, the real-life inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s famous heroine.

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    The Group Rep Fails to Solve 'Sherlock's Last Case'

    “Sherlock’s Last Case,” Charles Marowitz’s 1984 spoof of Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic detective Sherlock Holmes, proves a wobbly vehicle in the Group Rep’s underpowered production.