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    'Jackie' Smashes an Icon

    “Jackie,” Nobel Prize–winning playwright Elfriede Jelinek’s 2005 exegetic takedown of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, from Women’s Project Theater, is lively and dynamic if unsurprising.

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    Hadrian's Wall

    Dani Vetere’s “Hadrian’s Wall,” a Fringe entry, is a rather odd romantic-triangle drama about the hegemony of the male species with a lesbian twist.

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    Ed Asner Returns to Broadway in 'Grace'

    Television legend Ed Asner discusses his return to Broadway in "Grace," starring Paul Rudd, Michael Shannon, and Kate Arrington.

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    New York Artios Awards Names 2012 Host and Presenters

    Victor Garber will host and Nina Arianda, Cheyenne Jackson, and Cristin Milioti are among the presenters at the CSA’s 28th annual Artios Awards ceremony Oct. 29 in New York City.

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    'Donnybrook!,' What Have They Done to Ye?

    Irish Rep’s revised, pared-down version of “Donnybrook!,” the 1961 Broadway musical adaptation of “The Quiet Man,” lurches by in fastforward despite Johnny Burke’s lilting score.

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    'The Fisherman's Wife' Is Loopy but Shallow

    Steve Yockey’s wacky “The Fisherman’s Wife,” from Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA, mixes marital dysfunction and magical-sea-creature perversion but isn’t exactly sophisticated.

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    'How to Write a New Book for the Bible' Never Adds Up

    Playwright-priest Bill Cain’s autobiographical “How to Write a New Book for the Bible,” at South Coast Repertory, is overlong and too self-indulgently personal to make good theater.

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    Ryan Kipp’s fragmentary “REDlight,” in the Fringe, is a brief collection of monologues linked by Gavin, a hunky young straight guy who works as an erotic dancer in a gay club.

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    An Interrogation Primer

    The Fringe show “An Interrogation Primer” is a chilling, thought-provoking stage adaptation of an essay by an American military interrogator about his experiences inIraq.

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    'Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol' Tells Parallel Stories

    In “Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol,” Tom Mula’s revisionist take on Dickens, at Six01 Studio, Marley’s ghost must redeem Ebenezer Scrooge in order to escape an eternity in hell.