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    Lithgow Makes 'The Magistrate' a Blissfully Silly Romp

    John Lithgow combines naturalism and farce in “The Magistrate,” Arthur Wing Pinero’s rarely performed 1884 comedy, the latest NT Live broadcast from London’s National Theatre.

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    Swashbuckling 'The Mark of Zorro' Has Considerable Charm

    “The Mark of Zorro,” from Scotland’s Visible Fictions, at the New Victory Theater, uses clever paper props and cardboard puppets to re-enact the story of the masked avenger.

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    A new litter of singing and dancing felines hits the stage in Ellen Warkentine and Andrew Pedroza’s hysterical but uneven Fringe opera based on the Internet’s Lolcats photos.

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    'Checkers' Brings Back the Nixons

    Douglas McGrath’s “Checkers,” at Vineyard Theatre, starring Anthony LaPaglia and Kathryn Erbe as Richard and Pat Nixon under Terry Kinney’s direction, is entertaining but reductive.

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    'Submissions Only' Kickstarts a Third Season

    The hit web series, created by Kate Wetherhead and Andrew Keenan-Bolger, turns to Kickstarter to fund its third season.

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    Promising 'Sixty Miles to Silver Lake' Can't Quite Get There

    Time twists, and the difficult relationship between an estranged father and son twists along with it in Dan LeFranc’s “Sixty Miles to Silver Lake,” from IAMA Theatre Company.

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    Windy ‘Neva’ Finds Few Chuckles in Chekhov

    “Neva,” at the Public Theater, attempts to satirize the work and life of Anton Chekhov, but writer-director Guillermo Calderón’s dark, moody concept isn’t appropriate to the task.

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    David Marx’s drama “Would,” a Fringe Festival show, digs deeply into the psychology of self-forgiveness in its examination of a young man who was imprisoned for life at age 14.

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    Pilar Millhollen

    Equity actor Pilar Millhollen became yet another casualty of the economy a few months ago when her agent dropped her, along with several other clients.

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    League of Independent Theater Launches LIT Fund

    New York's independent theater community attempts to sustain itself with a new collective fundraising initiative, which officially launched Aug. 1.