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    Strindberg's 'Easter' Proves Timeless

    August Strindberg Repertory Theatre’s well-acted adaptation of “Easter,” about a family trying to redeem itself after its patriarch is jailed, has an all-black cast.

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    'The Last Seder' Is a Sketchy Meal Well-Served

    In Jennifer Maisel’s “The Last Seder,” an overly familiar premise, the dysfunctional-family holiday reunion, is bolstered by a uniformly excellent cast of 11 led by Greg Mullavey.

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    Funding Theater Across the Nation

    Theatre Communications Group announced the recipients of grants totaling $225,000 from the MetLife/TCG A-ha! Program, including the Atlantic Theater Company and Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

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    Publicist Jessica Johnson on Broadway Press For Actors

    Jessica Johnson shares how actors can maximize their publicity in theater.

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    Euripides’ Helen

    Playwrights’ Arena gives the rarely performed “Euripides’ Helen” the Hollywood treatment, with Rachel Sorsa and Maxwell Caulfield as a Spartan Nick and Nora, at the Getty Villa.

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    Our Lady

    Author-director-actor James Fluhr’s “Our Lady,” a Fringe show about countering homophobic bigotry, is as stunning a piece of performance art as you’re ever likely to encounter.

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    'Tomorrow' Is a Treat

    Donald Freed’s outstanding “Tomorrow,” from Skylight Theatre Company, Rogue Machine, and Britain’s York Theatre Royal, explores the mentor-mentee relationship among three actors.

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    Kathie Lee Gifford Revives an Evangelist on Broadway

    Starring Carolee Carmello, Gifford’s new musical, “Scandalous,” re-creates the life of legendary preacher Aimee Semple McPherson.

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    'Hate' Is a Symphony of Bigotry

    In Mexican playwright Luis Enrique Gutiérrez Ortiz Monasterio’s “I Hate Fucking Mexicans,” at the Flea Theater, the piling on of political incorrectness becomes almost poetic.

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    Don’t Miss ‘The Laramie Project Cycle’

    Tectonic Theater Company’s “The Laramie Project Cycle,” at BAM, pairs the original 2000 docudrama with its 2009 sequel, “The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later,” to stunning effect.