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    Stand Up for Your Union

    SAG-AFTRA offers tons of benefits and protections to actors, so why accept nonunion work behind its back? Defend your union!

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    3 Ways to Join Equity

    Actors’ Equity Association is the labor union representing theatrical actors and stage managers across the United States. Whether you’re just starting out or a decade into the biz, here are three ways to join!

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    Are You Aware of How People Perceive You?

    The SAG Foundation Branding Workshop aims to help actors better market themselves by providing monthly real-time feedback from peers.

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    SAG-AFTRA Board Approves Corporate-Educational Contract

    The SAG-AFTRA national board of directors ratified a new contract covering public relations, sales promotion, and training films at the governing body’s two-day meeting, which wrapped April 19. The three-year Corporate/Educational and Non-Broadcast Contract was approved by 94.69 percent of the board. The agreement also covers audio ...

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    Equity Approves New 99-Seat Rule Over Member Objections

    Actors’ Equity Association imposed Tuesday a $9-per-hour minimum wage for actors on Los Angeles’ mid-size theaters. Equity’s national council voted to move ahead with the plan despite overwhelming opposition from the union’s Los Angeles membership.

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    L.A. Building Renamed for SAG-AFTRA

    The building where the merger of Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists was negotiated now bears the name of the union that was born from that merger.

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    L.A.’s 99-Seat Theaters Say Revenue Isn’t Full Picture

    L.A. theater directors talk to Backstage about why profits on paper don’t always equal enough funds to pay actors minimum wage.

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    African-American Stage Stars Look Forward With Equity

    As part of Actors’ Equity’s panel “African American Actors on Broadway: Life, Work and Inspiration,” actors Montego Glover, Michael Potts, Martha Hicks, and Alton Fitzgerald White give fellow performers advice.

  • Interview

    Why the Actors Fund Is Always There for You

    Whether you’re a performer or not, industry professionals always have the Actors Fund as a resource.

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    Are You Ready to File Your Taxes?

    According to tax expert Chuck Sloan, owner of Chuck Sloan & Associates, the single most important thing an actor can do is to keep a record of auditions—otherwise, the IRS may consider your career a “hobby”!