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    Are You Guilty of These Self-Tape Mistakes?

    Putting yourself on tape to audition for a role is a miracle of technology that allows actors outside of the major markets the opportunity to be seen for big roles. But are you making common mistakes that knock you out of the running immediately? Abrams Artist Agency’s Robert Attermann ...

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    Do You Know These 5 Elements of Singing Posture?

    If you want to make a beautiful noise, you need to know how to stand—starting with your feet pointing straight ahead, as Backstage Expert and voice teacher Andrew Byrne points out. And there are four other key aspects you probably haven’t considered when it comes to your posture!

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    WATCH: Demi Lovato Auditions for the Disney Channel

    If you’re a confident and bubbly teen like Demi Lovato was, you can rock your Disney Channel audition, too!

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    5 Styles of Dance Every Performer Should Know!

    The past is present, both in performance and in rehearsal—and auditions! That's why Backstage Expert Erika Shannon (Don't Dodge the Dance Call) wants you to understand the basics of these five dance styles. Think of it as homework with an amazing beat!

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    Should You Sing in Character During Auditions?

    According to Backstage Expert and voice teacher Andrew Byrne, there's really only one time you should be singing in character during an audition.

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    What Your Agent Does Post Audition

    Having an agent secure auditions for you is just one upside to having representation—there’s also knowing that you’re not alone afterward! Your agent is there for you in the post-audition blur, as Abrams Artist Agency’s Robert Attermann explains.

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    What Should Be in Every Actor’s Dance Bag?

    You've trained, prepared, and properly stretched. Now, it’s time for your first dance audition! But before you rush out the door, make sure you pack these things to have the perfect dance bag.

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    7 Things Your Dance Partner Will Thank You For

    Technical skill is great when it comes to partnered dancing—but there’s a lot more to sharing moves than just rhythm and flair. According to Backstage Expert Erika Shannon (Don’t Dodge the Dance Call), there are also seven basic requirements to working with someone else body to body ...

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    1 Thing All Actors Must Remember About Agents

    Having an agent doesn’t just sometimes make your life as an actor (somewhat) easier—it’s also a responsibility. That’s why Abrams Artist Agency’s Robert Attermann explains the single most important thing that you need to remember about your representation!

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    A Literal Tongue Twister Warmup for Singers

    Backstage Expert and voice teacher Andrew Byrne has an exercise to help singers relax the hyoid bone in their mouths and help them work out those "Defying Gravity" muscles!