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    12 Top Tips From Voiceover Vets

    Be a fly on the wall as some of the most well-known players in the voiceover industry offer their insight! From successfully working abroad to what to look for in a teacher, hear from eight professionals.

  • Interview

    What It’s Like Being a Voice Actor on ‘Bob’s Burgers’

    “Bob’s Burgers” creator Loren Bouchard speaks with Backstage about his “irreproducible” cast of actors, creating a character-driven cartoon, and the importance of “chaos and creative destruction.”

  • Advice

    How to Maintain Momentum

    Backstage Expert and casting director Kate McClanaghan sees too many performers rest on their accomplishments instead of pushing ahead to the next level—and she urges you to stop!

  • Advice

    How to Be a Video Game Voiceover Artist

    Casting director Jen Rudin speaks with voiceover actor Darin De Paul about his eclectic, busy voiceover career, and gets advice from him regarding how to voice everything from creatures to trolls to a "Star Wars" character!

  • Advice

    How to be a Versatile Actor

    Casting director and Backstage Expert Kate McClanaghan knows that versatility is the holy grail for actors—but how do you excel at what seems so impossible?

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    1 Voiceover Trick Ellen DeGeneres Picked Up at Pixar

    Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres talk about voice acting for “Toy Story” and “Finding Dory,” and offer one tip to keep your mouth from getting dry in the booth!

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    Meet the 2016 Backstage Readers’ Choice Winners

    Looking for a headshot photographer? Maybe you need an on-camera coach? Look no further than this list of industry professionals nominated and voted on by the people in the thick of it all: Backstage readers!

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    4 Ways to Drop the Voiceover Mic

    Understanding how you can best perform in the recording booth is the first step to a better career as a voiceover actor. Backstage Experts Rudy Gaskins and Joan Baker offer their top four tips to push you to a better you!

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    How to Avoid This Big Voiceover Mistake

    Casting director and Backstage Expert Kate McClanaghan sees too many voiceover artists making the same costly mistake—are you guilty of it, too?

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    How Improv Makes a Better Voiceover Actor

    Backstage Expert and L.A. voiceover casting director Terry Berland explains five situations in which all voiceover actors will be thankful for their improv skills!