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    Mark Duplass’ DIY Approach to Indie TV

    The independent innovator has teamed up with actors Jennifer Lafleur and Rob Corddry for the new Web series “Wedlock,” and brings his same DIY sensibility that revolutionized indie cinema to indie TV.

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    3 ‘Learning Lessons’ From the Creators of ‘Convos With My 2-Year-Old’

    Actor-creators Matthew Clarke and David Milchard talk to Backstage about their new production company Coco Milk Productions, their upcoming projects, and advice for first-time directors.

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    7 Chances to Land a Role

    Check out these seven casting notices from this week on Backstage, including a feature film starring Zac Efron and Robert De Niro, a union production of “Brothers from the Bottom,” a play about post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans and a disintegrating relationship between brothers, a Web series pilot, and others!

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    #ICastIt 1 Reason Improv Skills Matter in Casting

    Actor-comedian-producer, Mike Estime talks about the inspiration for his web series "All for Love" and why improv played an important role in finding the right cast.

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    Stumbling Into the ‘Good Cop Great Cop’ Universe

    Matt Porter and Charlie Hankin began their hit Web series with little more than a desire to make short films, a network of actor friends, and a morbidly whimsical sense of humor.

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    The Real Ladies of Austin

    A Web series created by and starring two female friends points the lens at the quirks of Texas’ artistic mecca.

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    10 Questions With…Saffron Burrows

    The “Mozart in the Jungle” actor talks to Backstage about the one topic you probably shouldn’t bring up in the audition room, the lengths to which she once went to prepare for a role (it involves trespassing), and her plan B if acting doesn’t work out.

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    4 Series Worth Binge-Watching Over the Holidays

    Delayed? Exhausted by your family? Retreat into a quiet place and try an episode (or five) of “The Good Wife,” “Black Mirror,” “Transparent,” and “Mozart in the Jungle.”

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    Mining Comedy From Failing at Perfection

    Stephanie Jackson created “Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?” based on being typecast as a mother—and she cast her real-life husband as her fictional counterpart’s partner.

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    6 Casting Notices to Kick December Off Right

    Here are six auditions spanning Web series, theater, and film casting on both coasts, including a Pennsylvania production of “Venus in Fur” holding auditions in New York City, and a student project out of UCLA.