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    3 Ways to Promote Your Web Series Through Social Media

    How do you ensure that your series is viewed by thousands…and not just by your parents and their best friends? Social media.

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    YouTube Launches Production Studio Space in L.A.

    The new YouTube Space Los Angeles is a digital video production and post-production facility where YouTube creators can create, network, and learn.

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    7 Chances to Land a Role

    Check out these seven casting notices from this week on Backstage, including a feature film starring Zac Efron and Robert De Niro, a union production of “Brothers from the Bottom,” a play about post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans and a disintegrating relationship between brothers, a Web series pilot, and others!

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    How to Build an Audience on YouTube

    Unfortunately, gone is the phrase “going viral.” Our Facebook and Twitter feeds have become a marketplace of self-promotion, and when just about everyone seems to be making a Web series, it’s tough to even get people to watch.

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    5 Tips For Marketing Your Web Series

    The digital marketplace is overflowing with competition! So here are a few simple tips to make sure your new web series doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

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    4 Series Worth Binge-Watching Over the Holidays

    Delayed? Exhausted by your family? Retreat into a quiet place and try an episode (or five) of “The Good Wife,” “Black Mirror,” “Transparent,” and “Mozart in the Jungle.”

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    How to Turn Random Thoughts Into Comedy Gold

    The hit series “Augie, Alone” is written, acted, filmed, and edited by Augie Praley, armed only with a smartphone and the most awkwardly hilarious whims.

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    6 Casting Notices to Kick December Off Right

    Here are six auditions spanning Web series, theater, and film casting on both coasts, including a Pennsylvania production of “Venus in Fur” holding auditions in New York City, and a student project out of UCLA.

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    How to Take a Web Series From Concept to Reality (Part 1)

    You no longer have to be enslaved to bad content. Or wait for someone else to greenlight your career. The barrier of entry to create/execute a concept and get it in front of an audience has never been lower.

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    Top 5 Ways to Finance Your Online Content

    Let’s face it: Raising money sucks. That said, it’s still part of the game. Without financing, there are a number of projects I never would’ve been able to make over the years—and calling in favors only gets you so far. Thus, here are my top five ...