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3 Tax Mistakes That Could Get You Audited + 1 Big Goof If You Do

As a performer, do you want to spend your time in an auditor’s office trying to defend yourself from an audit? Or would you rather be working?


How Patti Murin Reimagined Her Disney Princess for Broadway’s ‘Frozen’

For the first time since 2011, Patti Murin returns to Broadway, playing Anna in Disney’s hotly anticipated “Frozen” musical. In her Backstage cover story, the actor discusses preparing for her most high-profile role in theater to date, and how she flips the switch between acting on stage and screen.

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The Actors’ Guide to Filing Taxes

To help make your actor life a little easier this tax season, we’ve put together an exhaustive guide of everything you need to know about filing taxes as an actor. Hopefully, it’ll make your April a little less...taxing.