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Backstage Experts

The Top 3 Survival Jobs for Actors Aren’t What You Think

Being stuck behind a bar or the steering wheel of a vehicle is not even really a survival job, it’s a suffocation job, slowly sapping you of your energy and, sadly, your passion.


Why Nicole Holofcener Wants You to Ask for a Bathroom Break Mid-Audition

“If somebody is reading or doing the scene, and they find themselves doing bullshit, I’d love it for them to say, ‘Can I start over? Can I go to the bathroom? Can I take five minutes?’ We’re just people in there.”

Backstage Guides

How to Deal With Sexual Harassment

#MeToo has done wonders for the conversation around abuse in the entertainment industry, but there’s still work to be done. Here’s the information you need to deal with harassment and to be an ally to other victims of it.

Casting News

Journey to Neptune With ‘Veronica Mars’

“Veronica Mars” is headed to Hulu, and Sue Heck is no longer stuck in “The Middle.” Find out who’s casting what with this week’s edition of What’s Casting