Backstage Guides

Get started learning about a variety of topics related to building an acting and performing career with Backstage Guides. Each guide has a collection of hand-picked resources designed to help deliver the information you need to become successful. 


How to Get an Agent

Getting an agent is an important step for many actors during there career. Learn what to do, and what not to do, to get an agent here.

The Atlanta Actor's Guide

The Atlanta Market has grown tremendously into a hot bed of film, television, commercial, music video, and yes, even theater - production. Find out what it takes to make it here.

The Texas Actor's Guide

Texas is a big market - literally. Find out what the Lone Star State offers for actors and what different markets like Austin, Dallas, and Houston have available for you.

How to Take Perfect Actor Headshots

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps of finding the perfect photographer and having the best photo session to get you work.