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Since 1960, Backstage has been the most trusted source for actors and performers looking to get to the next level. Performers come to Backstage in all stages of their careers, not only to get cast, but to achieve their goal of working, advancing, and mastering their craft as performing artists.

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44%NY & CA Residents
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$75,000+ Average household income
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18-35 average age
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60/40 Female/Male
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Avg travel: 6 times per year
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52% regularly attend fitness classes
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25% subscribe to meal delivery service
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Avg spend: $1200 on clothes per year

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Backstage delivers the resources and news performers need. Reach this influential audience of entertainment industry trendsetters with display advertising on Backstage.

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Backstage is the top resource for performers and content creators, attracting over 2.8M visitors per month.

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Our print magazine is well-known for launching actors’ careers since 1960.

  • Weekly print readership over 100k
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Breaking casting news, industry updates and trending articles have generated our highly-engaged social audience.

  • 1M+ Facebook fans
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Weekly and daily newsletters, casting alerts, and more for direct contact with actors, performers and creators.

  • 6M+ email subscribers
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Get in touch to begin your campaign with the contact of a dedicated project manager.

Dedicated Project Manager

Step-by-step assistance from a designated project manager for campaign setup and execution.

Ad Trafficking Services

All placement insertions handled upon artwork delivery.

Full Campaign Reporting

Backstage will provide DFP reporting and tear sheets as part of your campaign to leverage the data for further campaigns.