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    New York Area Production Listings

    Back Stage lists major U.S. film and TV productions that are currently casting or accepting submissions. On this page you┬┐ll find productions occurring in the greater New York area. Check for new listings every Thursday! (Website members only.)

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    Annoyed by Life

    Hudson Guild

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    Sanford Meisner Theater

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    Opening Red Doors

    As a young girl, Mia Riverton had been an avid performer but didn't seriously consider acting as a career path. Years later, after graduating with a degree in economics from Harvard University, she moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry, where she found a job with ...

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    Boocock's House of Baseball

    The Flea Theater

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    I Am Yours

    Elephant Asylum Theatre

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    Total Ridiculous Live -- REMIX

    Promenade Playhouse

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    How To Be An Extra

    Extra! Extra!

    What can someone new to the background acting profession expect? Read all about it.

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    The Dali Ha Ha Show

    la connection

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    Gag Me

    I was so disappointed with Rob Kendt's mean-spirited column The Wicked Stage/ The Gag Reel [BSW, 1/30/03]. First of all, his assessment of The Hours was off base and downright nasty. I thought it interesting that he was so critical of the women in the film but ...