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3 Things Actors Should Never Forget

3 Things Actors Should Never Forget
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In the business of being an actor, many important things must be done on a regular basis: headshots, auditions, finding the right agent, attending casting workshops, working out at the gym—the list goes on. Sometimes in the daily grind, an actor can lose touch with important reminders:

You are an artist.
Other than acting class, actors have to find a creative outlet. Musicians, painters, dancers, sculptors, and athletes all need to have an outlet to grow, improve, and gain confidence. Do not forget that you’re an artist; feed your creativity in whatever way feels right for you. Watch great films; read a good play or novel; go to the museum; listen to great music.

You are not at anyone’s mercy.
You have the power to make things happen in your creative life. Booking work is always important, but while you’re going after that job, keep yourself creative and follow through with your own ideas. Write something; get together with other actors and work on a scene or a play; work on a character you’ve always wanted to create; shoot a short film on your cellphone—empower yourself.

Live your life.
Don’t wait for that big acting job to enjoy your life. Fill your personal time, so that you can breathe life into your characters.

Greg Braun is a founder  and instructor at the New Collective LA, a conservatory-style acting studio in Los Angeles.

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