The Craft

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    What Is Personalization?

    Every role, every creative situation, every professional job—whether on stage, in front of a camera, or at a microphone—is unique and requires you to use different tools from your actor's toolbox.

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    Your Character's Soundtrack

    As many actors know from experience, listening to music can help you prepare to act. Depending upon your selection, it can calm you down or pump you up.

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    The Method and the Myth

    "I don't want to see or hear any of that Method crap!" How many times has an actor heard that from a director, producer, or teacher? Too many, I'll wager.

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    Replacing in a Role

    Actors replace other actors in long-running shows in a variety of circumstances, most of them fraught in one way or another. Some actors follow the role's originator, others have to play iconic characters, and still others must tackle particularly difficult parts.

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    Playing Cops (and Robbers Too)

    Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I played a police officer on stage. I immediately discovered why cops walk in that funny, lumbering way: It's the holster. It gets in the way of holding your arms straight down at your sides.