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How to Handle a Career Transition

How to Handle a Career Transition
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All professional performers hit a speed bump on their career journey. It’s obvious something needs to change but less clear whether the solution is to re-route or exit altogether.

How do you know if you’ve reached your first transition? The first step is to determine whether you need to fix your performing career, develop a support career, or create an entirely new career path.

If you’ve had some success navigating the industry, the block may be your approach to the business. You may need to relocate to a new market, build your network, or develop a focused business plan.

If you are in a slump between projects, perhaps the solution is developing a dynamic support career that gives you a second focus. The best support careers make use of your other talents, giving confidence and fulfillment that complement your performance work.

If there’s a growing dissatisfaction with the lifestyle of performing or your career circumstances, or it’s simply time for a change, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You’re evolving, and what you want for your life has shifted. The excellent news is that many careers out there are perfect for your experience, personality, and talent.

No matter where you are in your decision process, be honest with yourself. Open your mind to learning something new about who you are, what you want, and what might be next for your life, professionally and personally. It’s the best investment you can possibly make.

Ciara Pressler is a former performer and the author of “Exit Stage Right,” a comprehensive career-change handbook for performers. Find out more at

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