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3 Ways To Take Ownership of Your Art

3 Ways To Take Ownership of Your Art

If you have ever received big audition and your mind begins to race with thoughts like, "What should I wear?” and “I hope they like me?" and then you walk in and see the other actors and you think, “They look more confident, more attractive, more what they are looking for,” and you leave the audition feeling, “I didn’t do my best; they didn’t seem interested," then congratulations you just made it through a very bad blind date.

Let's set your intention to open a new pathway to strengthen your inner artist.

Here are ways to take ownership of your artistry.

1. Release all negative conditions you may have mentally attached to your personal association of being an actor: Struggling, Out-of-Work, Fledgling, etc. Your brain’s wiring and subconscious work as partners. Your subconscious says "yes" to all it is told. It cannot negate. Your daily actions are performed from instructions given from your subconscious.

2. Stop and rewire your connection to being an actor. Stop compromising who you are out of fear of what others will say. Being an actor does not happen after the person books a job. It must happen before. Many actors fear the question, “You’re an actor, so what have you done?” They make the decision to passively say, “I’m trying to be an actor.” Or they do not tell people at all. They justify their actions by thinking they will tell people when their big break happens. But the truth is, this action is in direct correlation to their inner fear that their “big break” will never come. They do not want to deal with the embarrassment of failure. But they have already wired their brain to produce a self-fulfilling prophecy. The failure has already occurred because they do not have steadfast belief in their own artist. If you love and play basketball and someone asked if you are a basketball player, you would passionately say “Yes!” That is because you have wired your brain with your belief that you are a basketball player. It has no bearing you are not in the NBA.

3. Approach all your work not analytically but creatively. This requires utilizing a different side of the brain. When you access your right brain you tap into the unlimited abundance of your creativity. When you are in this zone there is no judgment. So if you are judging yourself at any point of the creative process – including taking direction which is a collaborative process – that is a warning sign to put your attention on giving yourself permission to get into your creative zone. And why wouldn’t you? It’s fun! Remember, the focus this requires takes constant practice. And once reached, an artist is then in the knowing of the difference. And that is the game changer.

There are many great opportunities that present themselves, but you may be allowing them to slip through your fingers because you chose to see things in a negative way.

When you believe you are incredible, incredible things begin to happen. You will book a job if you believe you will book a job. It may not be the audition you are going on today. But who cares? Today you still got to act. To do what you love to do. To set your artist free. When you go to Disneyland and your favorite ride is shut down, there is an initial disappointment, but it doesn’t detract from having fun in the park. You know you will ride that ride again. You focus on what is positive in that moment. If you leave an audition or acting class feeling like, “I will never book a job. I will never be good at this.” Then you won’t. And remember, the “this” is you. You are the Artist. You will never be good at being you. Because your belief is not in harmony with what resides in your subconscious. Change your brain's wiring and open new pathways and your subconscious will immediately adjust.

Once you attain a new moment of epiphany, that’s the time you must work harder.

Many times, in moments of clarity, it feels so good, so truthful we feel like we can finally stop and breath. Yet, the key to success is that once we have reached our destination – if we have not stopped before reaching it – is then our next journey begins. When you arrive in Paris you don’t stop at the train station you make the trek to the Eiffel Tower. Once we gain a new pathway, we then must persevere through it for our neurons to permanently hardwire the connection. And in doing so, the old wiring gets short-circuited and so do your past, false beliefs that were holding you back.

We are defined by our daily decisions. Our daily decisions and actions are simply playing catch-up with our already established thoughts and beliefs. You are your artist. Stop making them two separate entities and unite them as One. Your artist will no longer hide in the darkness of fear when you proudly hold it with integrity and adoration into the Light. You will then be ready to allow your discipline to be your distraction.

Constance Tillotson is CEO of Sterling Studio. Her studio had over 200 bookings last year.  Actors in her studio are renowned for their extraordinary work in major feature films and television. Her booking actors range from 5-years-old on up. She is also a top pick for private theatrical coaching and preproduction preparation. She is an actor, writer, director, and producer. She also works globally with children building self-esteem through filmmaking. She is a talent manager at LA Management where she helms the careers of a select group of successful clientele.

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