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7 Things To Do Every Morning

7 Things To Do Every Morning

As we recently entered 2013, I offer my suggestions to add to your New Year’s resolutions.  My list of "7 Things To Do Every Morning" will help you to run your business more effectively and be more efficient and productive. Happy New Year!

1. Check email and voicemail. Calls/email may have come through during the night and you will want to make sure to answer them as soon as possible. Make sure to check your "Spam" folder. Sometimes important messages can get mistakenly labeled as "Spam."

2. Take a shower right away. Don’t laugh. This is MOST important. You need to be prepared for any last minute appointments. It can be so frustrating when I call a client with an appointment, only to hear "I haven't even showered yet!"

3. Eat something. My personal favorite! There are days when you will hit the ground running. Don’t forget to eat. You don’t know when you’ll have another chance and you’ll need the energy.

4. Plan what you will do for your business today. Read a play? See a play? Write some letters/emails? Look at regional theater season websites? You MUST do something business related!

5. Check the news: Internet, TV or newspapers. Being up on current news provides interesting topics of conversation and is an important part of being a well-rounded person.

6. Plan some physical exercise for the day. Walk to an appointment or on an errand instead of taking the subway. Sometimes exercising is easier when you do it with a friend.

7. Always look your best when leaving for the day. Dress neatly and be well groomed and ALWAYS carry a picture and resume and/or business card. Women, make sure your hair and makeup is done. It's a small world, and you never know who you will run into!

John Essay has been a theatrical manager and producer for nearly 25 years. His company, Essay Management, represents actors, writers and directors in all areas of the entertainment industry. He also created, a website reflecting the culmination of all that he has learned in the last 25 years as a personal manager.

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