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    The Fitness Side Hustle: Getting Started + What to Look Out For

    As a performer, you already have a lot of what people are looking to hire: star quality, a big personality, and (most of the time) above-average musicality. Go you! But there are still a few things you need to do to break into the fitness game.

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    9 Things That Annoy Voiceover Engineers + How to Avoid Them

    If you’re a voice actor, the engineer can be your greatest ally in the booth. Aside from helping you sound clear and crisp, they are sometimes the deciding vote on who gets cast—if a client isn’t familiar with your work, the engineer can vouch for and even ...

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    True or False: You’re Too Old to Model

    Have you ever looked at an ad and thought, “I’d love to get into commercial modeling, but I think I’m too old”? Well, think again!

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    This is the Secret to Avoiding Burnout as an Actor

    Self-care is the pause. It’s the complete exhale that allows us to soften deeper inside of who we are, what we believe, and what we want. It’s an active choice we make to offer ourselves healing through compassion, understanding, and empathy.

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    2 Qualities All Great Actors Share

    If you’re an actor who truly wants a long-term career and not a wannabe who thinks they can achieve fame and fortune with little work and less talent, there are two qualities you’re going to need to develop and cultivate.

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    Should Actors Post About Politics?

    Your posts are a direct reflection of who you are and the kind of person you’ll be to work with on set or in rehearsal. What do your angry political posts say about you?