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    3 Steps to Fully Embodying a Character

    Many actors tell me they struggle with embodying or connecting to their characters so today I want to teach you an added layer of character development you can use for your next audition. First, I'll give you my three-step framework and then I’ll walk you through an example. Step ...

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    Tape Your Theater Performances. Your Next Job Depends on It

    The performance was spectacular. There was roaring laughter and a standing ovation. You hit every mark and nailed every line. You were a star that night. Then the production was over and it became a bullet point on your résumé. You tell friends, family, potential agents and managers how great...

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    10 Ways to Set Your Actor Brand Apart

    To put it simply, personal branding is how people experience you. From acclaimed, longtime actors like Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep to more recent stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Jonah Hill, each one brings a different set of qualities we identify as uniquely their brand.    So who you are and ...

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    The Secret to Working More as an Actor

    Good actors make acting look effortless. That’s why everyone wants to be an actor. But the truth is, we all know it’s difficult. Yes, you need to train, hone your skills and craft, network, and have what the casting directors need. But being a good actor takes much more than...

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    5 Voiceover Audition Basics

    Your demo is produced. Your spot on the talent roster is secured. The audition comes in. Now what? Simple. Follow these five steps. 1. Pay attention.Auditions come with specific instructions as to how a file should be labeled, slate information, how to submit, etc. Make sure you pay close ...

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    Don’t End Your Audition on the Last Word

    Many actors believe that when they say or hear the last word in the sides, the audition is over. But this is not a smart way to audition. Rather, actors should always audition in a way that helps the casting director and director believe they’re watching the scene take place during the...

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    3 Ways to Actually Find Success in This Industry

    In my last article, I took a humorous look at the idea of overnight success. I couldn’t help myself. But honestly, the idea of success being “overnight” is really a lie that often ends in overnight disaster and a myth that needs to be busted. Obviously, success in the entertainment...

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    The Top 3 Survival Jobs for Actors Aren’t What You Think

    Being stuck behind a bar or the steering wheel of a vehicle is not even really a survival job, it’s a suffocation job, slowly sapping you of your energy and, sadly, your passion.

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    What Every Dance Résumé Needs to Stand Out

    There’s an awesome 90s movie called “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” where three siblings attempt to salvage their summer when their babysitter unexpectedly kicks the can. They want their freedom, so instead of telling their mom (and getting another babysitter), Christina Applegate’s character fakes her way into a corporate job...

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    The Truth About ‘Breaking Into’ Voiceover

    How the voice of the NFL, Rodd Houston, built his voiceover career piece by piece.