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Backstage Experts

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    Why You Must Become An Adventurous Actor

    The urge to be an adventurer exists within every actor. This urge fights for your approval against the obedient actor you think you are compelled to be.

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    Be Prepared, Flexible, and Available in Your Auditions

    Being flexible in the room provides the present moment freshness that adds job getting color and texture to those choices. Both are equally essential to your success.

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    Why You Need To Like What You Do As An Actor

    How you live your life is a choice. When you look for a job, make sure the work is something you enjoy. You don't have to love every aspect of a job, but certainly you can find some things to like about practically anything.

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    3 Reasons Actors Get Commercial Callbacks

    Based on all my experience as an actor, casting director, and teacher, I do believe there is a casting formula for getting callbacks. It is only my educated opinion but I really believe that this is basically the formula and value percentages.

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    How To Gain Acting Success Like Edie Falco

    The pace to a self-sustaining acting career varies. More often than not, the journey for actors being able to “do what they love” and nothing else without financial worry is a curving pot-holed course of great distance traveled until smooth straightway is rode.

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    5 Ways For Teen Actors To Find Success

    Teen actors rarely get the credit they deserve. While many young artists possess a deep emotional life, often times the business and the people around them - even the well-meaning people - can stand in the way of their unique artistry.

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    How To Conquer The Stress Of The Audition Room

    Living a more creative, abundant, fully expressed and joyful life benefits from following the major tenets of a spiritual and meditative practice.

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    How To Help Your Child Actor Have a Fun and Productive Summer

    I like to think of time in four ways – my time, your time, together time, and down time. We all lead busy lives so building in downtime is crucial to prevent burn out.

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    How To Handle Bullying As an Actor

    Essentially, the bully targets you for what you represent—often the qualities he will never have. Just as some say, “imitation is the highest form of flattery,” so is bullying, as it comes quite often from a place of pathological jealousy.

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    8 Items You Need In Your Press Kit

    Most people forget that a press kit is important, regardless of what stage in your career you're at. I've outlined the basics and most essential items you need to include in your press kit.