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Backstage Experts

Best Of Backstage Experts: The Actor's Sacrifice

Best Of Backstage Experts: The Actor's Sacrifice

As an actor, we know you've got it tough. Oftentimes the life of an actor can be a life of rejection and disappointment. But, don't despair! Because casting directors really do love you and recognize the sacrifices you make for your craft.

In the first of a series of "Best Of" our incredible Backstage Experts columnists, we give you our favorite columns about the choices actors make and how you're an inspiration and a light to everyone you work with

15 Things Actors Do That Make Me Happy (By Risa Bramon Garcia)

10 Sacrifices An Actor Makes (By Erin Cronican)

3 Actors Who Inspire Me and Why (By Constance Tillotson)

How Training For the Olympics Is Like Training To Be An Actor (By Rick Pagano)




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