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Go All In and 4 More Acting Tips

Go All In and 4 More Acting Tips
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Need a little inspiration? Our Backstage Experts are full of amazing advice to help move your career forward, and we wouldn’t want you to miss one drop of it. Here are five tips to keep in mind during the week ahead!

Make sure you’re safe on set.
“Filmmaking is an incredibly powerful art form. It has the capacity to shape thinking, generate groundswell on monumentally important social issues, and even change lives. But unless you’re filming a covert documentary exposing the genocide of thousands of children by the government right under their parent’s noses, filmmaking is not worth dying for.” —PAUL BARRY

Stop defending abusive teachers.
“I hear actors rationalize abuse-based classes all the time. They claim there’s something to be learned or some form of development that goes on when an acting teacher will “cut someone down” or “put them in their place” or mock, deride, or otherwise make an example of other actors. That is complete BS. These actors are simply making an excuse for bullying, and are thus enabling it.” —JOSEPH PEARLMAN

Collaborate in the audition room.
“Think of your audition as collaboration with the room. You are offering your take on a character, and may be asked to adjust certain parts of your read to accommodate the vision. Embrace the opportunity to take direction.” —CAROLINE LIEM

Go all in.
“So, step up. Pursue the creative exploration of the work with abandon. Lust for it. Explore, explore, explore. Take every opportunity to act. Hitting a creative wall? Fill the creative tank with another element of the work—a different way in. Keep jumping even though there’s no emotional safety net. That’s what we’re seeing successful actors do.” —RISA BRAMON GARCIA AND STEVE BRAUN

Find a supportive community.
“Nobody succeeds alone in this business. Acting is a collaborative art form. We need each other in every aspect of our personal lives and our craft, from prep and rehearsal all the way through final performance. If you don’t have a supportive, family-like community of loved ones that have your back, you need to prioritize it ASAP, because those who do have a huge advantage over you.” —SHAAN SHARMA

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