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How Following Industry Trends Can Get You the Part

How Following Industry Trends Can Get You the Part

There are trends in show business, just like in fashion. Certain types of action movies may be popular at the moment (“The Avengers,” “Thor,” “Spider-Man,” etc.), or there might be a surge of television or film projects featuring young singers and dancers (“Glee,” “Smash,” etc.). This means that certain types of actors will be cast more than others during these times.

Trends are important to recognize. Perhaps your "type" is hot right now or you might be able to adjust your image to fit a trend. There was a time when men with five o'clock shadows were everywhere.

I remember a time when one of my clients, who had previously done well commercially, had stopped getting callbacks. I thought this was so odd, since she had previously been so "popular." I watched TV for several days in a row and concentrated on those commercials that my client had auditioned for—I noticed that the women who landed the roles all had curly hair. Aha! I had spotted a new trend. I discussed this with my client, and she stopped straightening her hair. She soon began to get callbacks again. Now I know this might sound rather simple, but sometimes it IS simple—so simple that we fail to see what is there right in front of our eyes! The whole point is to always be aware of the current trends, and to see how you might fit into them. Sometimes it works!

If your type is not "in" right now, keep looking for the trends. They are always changing, and a trend for your type may not be far behind!

John Essay has been a theatrical manager and producer for nearly 25 years. His company, Essay Management, represents actors, writers and directors in all areas of the entertainment industry. He also created, a website reflecting the culmination of all that he has learned in the last 25 years as a personal manager.

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