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Should You Hire a Voiceover Coach?

Should You Hire a Voiceover Coach?
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This week on the VO School Podcast, we examine the intriguing and sometimes treacherous world of coaching!

Who needs coaching? Where do you find reputable teachers? And what can a great coach do for your career? These are some of the questions we delve into.

I’m joined by two well-respected coaches who offer their services to voiceover professionals across the globe. Anne Ganguzza is an L.A.-based voice talent, coach, and business and technology expert. She utilizes her background in technology and education to help students meet the ever-changing demands of the current voiceover marketplace. MaryLynn Wissner is a legend of the voiceover industry. With 30 years as a casting director for some of the worlds biggest corporations, film and TV companies, and video games studios and over 25 as a coach and mentor, MaryLynn is a highly sought after and widely known teacher at the top of her game.

Join us as we take deep dive into the world of coaching, workshops, scams, plans and social media for cats!

Jamie Muffett is a British voice actor, audio engineer, and filmmaker based in NYC. His voice clients include Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, and National Geographic. For more information, visit

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