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Why 'No' Really Means 'Yes' In Your Acting Career

Why 'No' Really Means 'Yes' In Your Acting Career

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

You are!


Except that you don’t see yourself that way. You see yourself through the dirty mirror of the left-brain’s "Maddening Mind Matrix"!

That is, when life gives us a big fat “No!” – which it will invariably do if you’re out in the world pursuing your dreams – we personalize the "No's" in a way that trigger our left-brain’s default neural grooves.

Hearing “No” isn’t really that big a deal. But when we associate it with incorrect interpretations in our left hemisphere – we make them mean, “I’m talentless.” “It’s never going to happen for me.” “I suck.” And then we immediately let the “No’s” defeat us.

We stop moving forward. We give up. We doubt ourselves. We think we’re less than. We move back to Baltimore. We reach for that pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby-Hubby and eat in one sitting.

Or we personalize the defeats by beating ourselves up for the way we look or who we are or where we are in our careers — thinking that if we were someone else it would just be easier.

Well, first of all, it wouldn’t. (Unless maybe you’re Brad Pitt! And actually, he’s got his stuff too. Everyone does!)

So all we need to do is a bit of radical re-working of our brain’s neural wiring. It’s like Frankenstein’s monster. You have to start re-booting your neural groove so you don’t let "defeats" defeat you.

Why are we wired to the lies of our left-brain and not the truths of our hearts? The possibilities of spirit? The joys of creating?

Remember, the next time you hear a “No,” it means nothing more than that. Actually it means that you’re in the game of life and every “No” you get brings you closer to a “Yes.”

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